Multiple hostname support in ADFS?

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Is there any way to have ADFS work on multiple hostnames?


For instance, our ADFS 3 (on Server 2012 R2) is currently configured as If we create a CNAME to point to and then try to browse to, I get the following results:

- Firefox:  Secure Connection Failed


Before I go the route of creating a new SSL certificate with both the and names... will this even work? Will ADFS respond as both and


There's a long winded reason why I'm asking, but it's fairly irrelevant here.


Upgrading ADFS is certainly an option, if there are features in newer versions.

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It will not work most of the time. Redirects to IdP happen from SP. CNAME might work but ADFS is unaware itself of "secondary" name. and SSL bind will be funky (strict check for HTTPS hostname binding)

That was my thinking, but I wanted to bounce the thought around before I went another route. Thanks for your input!

Any suggestion to achieve this?

@pn_07 nope - not possible. not supported. not on the roadmap.