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How to add alias domain for all users?

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There's a company with their company's full name as their domain name and a shorter domain name. So, and


They need all their users to have an alias of and to be their primary email address. This way, they can:

  1. Send/Send as/Receive emails as both domain names for the respective users
  2. Receive shared files (OneDrive for Business and SharePoint Online) on both domain names for the respective users
  3. Call as/receive call/book meeting on Skype for Business using both domain names for the respective users
  4. Send and receive calendar shares or event invitations on both domain names for the respective users

This needs to be automatic, rather than adding the domain alias for each user.


How can this be configured?




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Since we don't have Email address policies available in O365, the only way to do this is via some PowerShell-based script. Which means you will have to run it periodically to adjust the aliases for new users.


Another thing to keep in mind is that some functionality is only dependent on the Primary SMTP Address, for example sending messages.

@Haneef Ibn AhmadI know this is a very old thread but it's exactly what I'm trying to do now, four years later.  Can I ask what your solution was?  I don't want to pay for an account for each user at both domains.


Thanks for any help you can provide.

Use this as a starting point: