ADFS Rapid Restore Tool

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Just wanted to notify about a new tool released a couple of weeks ago for backing up and restoring ADFS.


Will start testing this in the next weeks.



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We currently have ADFS on a single 2012 R2 server with SQL Backend.

Because the SQL Backend isn't HA, we would like to migrate to a WID farm and at the same step upgrade to Windows Server 2016.


Can I backup the configuration with this tool and restore this on a new server with a different hostname without breaking the running 2012 R2 instance?

"The restore must be done on an AD FS server of the same version as the backup"
So it will be a backup, delete the adfs role, restore with "-WID" on the same server or using a temp server with 2012 r2 for the restore before doing the upgrade with two new 2016.