MAPI over HTTP when proxy is enabled Issues

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Hi Folks, 

After enabling Mapi over http on  the organization level , Many of outlook clients are facing issue (outlook is disconnected ) or (connected by not updating folders ) and email are getting stack in the outbox folder , we have managed to solve the issue (workaround ) by removing exchange internal URL from proxy exception which is strange   .

I have found an old KB regarding this issue KB2986802 , is there any other solution or procedure from Microsoft to solve this , as we need our  * in the proxy exception because we have a lot of published services for the users other than exchange services (  and we don't need to send the traffic of internal services to the proxy as we have split-brain DNS .

Note : Our Exchanges are 2016 CU22  with latest security update , and outlook clients are 2013 latest updates  ,2016 latest ,o365 client  (mailbox on-premise ) .



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