iphone native mail app not deleting emails on exchange (EXO)

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I am not sure if this is the right forum, but here it goes.


My new iPhone 11 has a great feature for mass deleting email. I select all the emails and click "trash" and the emails appear deleted.


However, they are not deleted from EXO. When I go to Outlook (online or client) all the emails are still there. 



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Hello@ezadler !

This seems like its a setting error for the native email client on the Iphone. 


Open the "Mail, Contacts, Calendars" option in the Settings app, tap the appropriate email account, then the "Advanced" button. Tap the "Deleted Mailbox" button and select the "Trash" folder in the "On The Server" section. The Mail app now sends deleted messages to the correct folder on the server.


This above solution should make sure that deleted items on the Iphone are also deleted from the server ( EXO in this case ) 


Let me know if you need further assistance, or please mark this as a solution if it works out for you :)


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@oliwer_sundgrenI don't seem to have those settings on my phone.


settings screen.jpgadvanced settings on account.jpg

Hmm those are the settings i was after and they all look correct@ezadler 


Could you verify that your time and timezone are correct. 

Also, try and remove and add the account again. 


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Oliwer Sjöberg

I’m having the same issue. Most articles seem to refer to an older iOS version, so those instructions are no longer valid. Anyone have any other ideas?
Scroll down to "Edit mailbox settings" and make sure that Deleted Mailbox setting is set to "Trash" and not "Archive".
Thanks. To confirm, on the iPhone >settings>mail>accounts>then I select the account in question> account>advanced settings.... Then it says "move discarded messages into DELETED or ARCHIVE".. It is currently set to deleted. Not sure I'm in the right place, as I don't see the option for "trash". Thanks!
Go to iPhone Settings -> Accounts & Passwords -> your email account -> Advanced -> INCOMING SETTINGS -> Delete from server, you can check NEVER, SEVEN DAYS, or WHEN REMOVED FROM INBOX, just choose WHEN REMOVED FROM INBOX. Then when you delete a email on iPhone, it will delete on email server.



i agree with the previous answer - i dont have  the same screen 


So I managed to fix it. Delete account from iPhone. Add account back to iPhone... done. Now it works. Just takes a while for it to sync. Apple sure has its share of issues.