I am trying to migrate the Outlook Online Auto-Complete Cache from one O365 tenant to a new one

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At the moment I am migrating users from one O365 Tenant to a new one in a new domain. I have had the VP's complain about losing their auto-complete cache for Outlook. 
However I have yet to discover a tool, script, or even C# source code that allows this to happen.


Is there a way to do this?


Also, I am tasked with attempting to allow cross tenant sharing of resources, such as the address books and calendars. I realize there is a "Share with Outside Organizations" Feature, however I am looking for an automated way to do this at the admin level that does not require Users intervention as VP's are not very technical and they do not want to have to put effort into such tasks. 


Thank you in advance.

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Thank you for the response, however this is not really helpful as I need this as an admin task and this defines a task that requires user intervention. 


I thought there maybe a way to create a PowerShell script or c# script to do process the request.

Also, the user will maintain their PC's but moving tenants/ O365 Domains... ...I have not seen anything dealing with that aspect of migrations for the *.nk2 files @PeterRising 



Sure not aware of any script or automated way to do this.  To be honest I get quite frustrated when users demand this as I feel it's pretty lazy of them, but I guess it's important to them.  :lol: