How to setup app password in Exchange 365?

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I have searched all over for setting up an app password for a website that doesn't have OAuth. I found app passwords for my outlook account and Gmail account but nowhere I can find app passwords for Microsoft Exchange. 


How to set up an app password?

If it is not possible, how to give access to send mail to another less secure app?

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You can configure them from > Security info > Add method. Do note that your admins might have disabled the use of app passwords, so best check with you IT support desk first.
I am the admin. Where can I enable the app passwords. Currently I can see only Authenticator app and phone inside the add methods

Is MFA enabled thhrough a conditional access policy? That's the only option to get an app password.

If yes, then you have to force manually MFA to that user and then the app password shows up.
You can do that to go to this URL: