How to intercept emails sent to a specific external email address

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We have an external provider for document scanning and also one for Email to SMS. But I don't want individuals to send directly to them because I want to manage permissions on those providers by mailbox and not individual user as we have hundreds of users.  I'd also like error messsages to come back to a central point. Is it possible to catch emails being sent by Outlook users to, say,  "*@SomeDomain", and redirect those email to a mailbox. Then I could use Power Automate to send from the mailbox. 

I'm a business user, not an IT Admin so I'm a bit at a loss how to approach the problem. 


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Yes, you can use a Mail flow rule for that:
For example, you can use the "recipient is" as condition, and "redirect to" as the action. Or you can add a moderation action, so that you (or someone else) need to approve the message first.
I misread the doco. I took it to mean that a recipient had to be an internal user. Thanks for setting me straight. That's a path forward.