BIMI Logos – Another Way to Stop Email Spoofing



Brand Indicators for Message Identification (BIMI) is a new industry effort to help identify email from reputable companies by displaying their logo alongside email (and potentially other items) in applications.

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@Tony Redmondincentivising the dmarc records to move from p=none i think is a great idea might get the exec's on board.  According to June 1 still no take up from MS

Glad I found this article and as @Joshua Bines points out the situation hasn't changed as of June 2020 according to BIMI working group. I would go further and suggest, like one of the commentators on @Tony Redmond original page, that Microsoft are muddying the waters and confusing both implementers and recipients. 

The "new" Microsoft approach was supposed to be more open standards orientated and they have made some good progress in this area. However, lack of DMARC reporting and BIMI support is very disappointing in overcoming phishing/SPAM as an industry wide initiative.

October 2020 and still no support from Microsoft:

@Tony Redmond Google recently touched upon BIMI again (7/12) did Postmark (7/13). As long as DMARC has been around, it's sad how few have implemented. Hopefully this can gain traction.



@Kevin Taber I still cannot believe the slow uptake on DMARC and really confused around the lack of BIMI on Microsofts Part. Both of these are great initiatives at reducing the prevalence of security events in the email space as it relates to PHISHING and targeted attacks. Come on Microsoft, time to prioritise the easy wins and listen to the community and commentators like @Tony Redmond