Aggregate availability from multiple calendars

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I prefer to keep personal appointments on one calendar (on and work appointments on my work calendar (O365 Exchange), but Exchange only seems to use my work calendar to show my availability to other people in my organization. I'd like to have a way to aggregate my availability from multiple calendar sources, the way that you can overlay multiple calendars in Outlook. It's not really a matter of me seeing all my appointments, because I can easily see everything in a consolidated view in Outlook on my desktop or mobile; it's more about letting others in my organization know when I'm free to meet. I know there is (used to be?) a "free/busy server" option in Outlook client, but I feel like this should be something that can be set on my Exchange profile, so that it doesn't matter what client I'm using.

Aside from that kind of option, I guess I'd guess I might be OK with a solution that duplicates anything added to my personal calendar as a block on my work calendar or vice versa, even if it's an IFTTT-type thing. I saw a similar post that mentions some 3rd-party tools from CodeTwo and Connecting Software, but given this is just a preference of mine, I'm probably not going to spend a lot on a workaround.

TLDR: Is there a better approach to showing consolidated availability than manually duplicating my appointments between calendars? Thanks!

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@Michael_Johnson990 the problem I found with this solution is that if you delete or edit an event, it doesn't update on the other other.  I could not figure out how to truly synch my Gmail with Outlook so my colleagues could see my full calendar.



We have built to aggregate multiple calendars (and accounts) in one place.

@Michael_Johnson990  How do you remove the Reminder so you don't double your reminders in Outlook?   Zapier wasn't giving me the choice of Reminder. 

it's crazy after 7 years this still isnt solved by microsoft and we have to come up with workarounds

@raphi_box Yes, that is a problem with this solution. Also, if events on the source calendar are modified, it doesn't modify the target calendar.

I don't think you can do that through Zapier, but one solution might be to turn off reminders for one of your Outlook calendars (
This has been a frustration for me... for years!!! This is such an obvious feature that is needed!
Makes me hate using MS365!!! instead of helping me, by making their products more productive.... The give me new "emoje"s . I do not need "cute" I need things that make me faster than my coemption! Don't get me started on how hard it to MS apps on your phone....might as well sit at my computer.