XLOOKUP formula not working

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I'm having trouble with the XLOOKUP formula, my excel doesn't show that it has this formula. I have the newest version of excel and the formula worked perfect on my other computer - windows and now I have Mac Air. I transferred all the files and nothing is working.


The formula

and shows error #NAME?


How can i get XLOOKUP formula on my excel?



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@indraottis Well, if you really have Excel for MS365 or Excel 2021 on your Mac, it should work just the same as on a PC with those versions. Are you sure the Mac is running one of the versions mentioned?

@Riny_van_Eekelen Thank you for the answer, I have excel verison 16.85, what should be the most current. Talked to two IT guys also and they say'd they don't know what's the problem.


Does your Mac run English Excel? Create a file on a PC that supports XLOOKUP. Save it and open it on your Mac. If it's just a language issue  Excel automatically translates the function name. If not you'll get a NAME error.