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Hi there,


I'm trying to create an attrition based formula using a combination of both XLOOKUP and SUM. 


In the attached example, I want to use the following calculation within a single cell:


Group A:

2021 (Start) + 2021 (End) / 2 = AVERAGE

Leavers (Total) / AVERAGE = ATTRITION %


Then the same calculation above, but specific to Group B and Group C. I thought that by using XLOOKUP, it would help separate out the groups. 


Within the attached, feel like I'm on the right track as illustrated within the 'Current XLOOKUP Formula' section - but I can't work out the next step once I have the average. Not even sure if it's possible to even achieve? 


Thank you in advance for any help!

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@E_D123 I believe the formulas in the desired outcome section are wrong, so I changed them and completed the XLOOKUP formulas. See attached.


Ah thanks for flagging, that was my mistake within the example.

Do you know how to capture the attrition % within the 'Current XLOOKUP Formula' section, so it's all within a single cell?
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@E_D123 See attached!


@Riny_van_Eekelen Perfect- thank you!!

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