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When I use on  VBA I get this error message. How do I fix this? Would appreciate any help.



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Object Doesn't Support this Property or Method

VBA error 438 occurs when you try to use a property or method that does not support by that object. the objects have some properties and methods that you can use but there could be a issue when using a property or method that does not apply to a particular object.

1. You could try disabling all add-ins one by one first to see if it's causing it from there.

2. Put the code in a module and start the workbook from new so you could see the line where the error occurs.Trace code execution


Otherwise, I recommend uploading/sharing the file (without sensitive data) or displaying the code where it is hanging (performing individual steps and attaching a photo) in order to be able to say more precisely.


Hope I was able to help you with this information.



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Thanks for the help NikolinoDE. I have been able to solve the problem in that it opens my workbook but it stops the code and still gives the same error message. And so I am unable to continue the rest of my code.