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Amid the plenty of solutions and techniques that are coming for the newly viral word-puzzle game Wordle. I have also tried to make an excel-based solution for the puzzle. Because, being an excel enthusiast, I believe that Excel provides more flexibility and customization power than other analytical and problem-solving tools.


The primary aim of sharing the solution with the respected members of this excellent community is to have different logic and alternative solving approaches that would surely provide some learning opportunities. The element of interest for the members is to model an approach that would produce more close and accurate guesses.


For this solver, I have got inspiration from Mr. Robert Gascon, who occasionally demonstrates excellent features of traditional excel. Therefore the solver is a non-VBA / non-CSE model and does not require the 365 version of Excel. Thoughtful comments, especially from Mr. Robert Gascon @Twifoo  and Mr. Sergei Baklan @SergeiBaklan about alternate solving approaches will be valuable.


The solution of two real games along with the solution strategy is also attached for reference purposes.




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@tauqeeracma you sir are a genius! I think many people will find this helpful for the highly popular game, Wordle.

Thanks for your comments.
Sitting in comp sci amazed at this

@tauqeeracma  First, very impressive and cool !!

In the attached I did 2 small ideas:

a) for the suggested word I decreased the point value for words with repeated letters to increase chance of suggested words not having repeated letters.  In example 1 it makes improvements.

b) for input I created a new option for word input: a) type whole word and then B) type hint letters as capital for correct location and lower case for correct but in wrong location.  I just thought this might be an easier input idea.


When I have time I might look at other parts too.  Should we look at how this project would look using dynamic array functions?

Thanks a lot.

Hi @mtarler 

Many thanks for your appreciation.

a) Yes, I checked about this change, it reduces the words having repeated letters and resultantly improve the list of suggested word. Great!
b) I agree with your input suggestion. It will certainly bring ease to the user.

Surely, it would be a wonderful idea to make the solver using dynamic array functions. It will mainly help in simplifying the guessing approach.




Excellent logical spreadsheet for Wordle. I sometimes used

Thanks for your comments.