Why can't I delete rows in Excel?

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I've suddenly found myself unable to delete rows from my Excel spreadsheet and I have no idea why. When I attempt it I get a message saying that "the operation may take a significant amount of time" and then I press OK, but nothing happens. 

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Such message appears if Excel expects large amount of recalculations due to the action. That's not necessary formulas in cells, could be conditional formatting rules, whatever. 

Try to switch on Manual calculation mode before removing rows (Formulas -> Calculation Options).

Thanks very much. I followed some advice I found earlier and managed to sort out the problem - there was a cell with a number in in 1000s of rows down from the bottom of my filled in bit of the spreadsheet and now I’ve deleted that, all is well.

@Sue_Copeland , glad to know you sorted this out, thank you for the update.