Where is the Date/Time Control for Excel 365 64-bit for Windows?




I am a very not strong Excel user (but I'm working on it). ;o)


I'm trying to add a Date/Time Control to my Excel spreadsheet but the option doesn't exist in the Controls. I followed other info here at the forums to install a "picker" to the ribbon but the article that states where to locate the "picker" is wrong; the option does not exist there.


I've followed a couple other links from the forums here where the reply says something like "try this link" but it's all above my head.

How do I simply add a Date/Time picker to a cell?


Office 365 64-bit, Windows 10.


Thank you so very much!!


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According to this post in the feedback portal, Microsoft is considering it:

Any date pickers for 365 available NOW would have to be from a 3rd party. I can't recommend any at the moment.
Thank you so much!

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