When will Data Analysis Toolpak be Available for Web Excel?

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When will the Data Analysis Toolpak Addin be available for the Web version of Excel? Regression, ANOVA, and other statistical, analytical tasks in this Add in are still valuable.

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I guess never. That's VBA tool, and VBA is not supported by Excel for web. Perhaps alternative tool based on scripts appears one day, but who knows.

@Sergei Baklan okay. Do you know anyone who creates VBA Excel Dashboards anymore...that have statistical analysis built-in....I mean....like Data Analysis Toolpak stuff.

@Sergei Baklan what if I had 100 customers. Monthly sales for each. My dashboard has algorithm to find and report on hidden time series customer segments of behavour based on this 12 months of data..

How does one do regression in Excel then. Or, ANOVA?