When typing =, suggestions in addition to regular formula's/functions are popping up

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I am using Microsoft Excel 365 Version 2210 (up-to-date) and when I am in a cell and type "=" I am used to formulas/functions being suggested such as =SUM, =SUBTOTAL, and etc....now however, there are more items popping up than I am used to and it is really frustrating and preventing me from getting to what I am used to working towards. For example when I start typing "=S" in a cell, a bunch of suggestions for what appear to be tables (evidenced by a blue table logo instead of the "fx" logo show up like =SUBA, =SUBC, =SUBN, and these are clearly not formulas. I want to turn off excel suggesting the blue table. I checked my settings, I have "use table names in formulas" unchecked in my excel and this issue is still happening. I also do not have any active tables in my workbook. Please see attached picture for reference. Please advise, thank you!!

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The setting you mentioned turns off structured references but does not affect the autocomplete you're seeing. It may be worth checking out the name manager for those items that appear to be tables.
Thanks Patrick! Unfortunately upon clicking the "name manager" button multiple times nothing happens....I restarted excel and everything, no pop-ups or actions.
It sounds like there may be an exorbitant amount of named items in the name manager. I've encountered this a few times. I'd start by opening Excel in safe mode and then try the name manager again.
Thanks Patrick! I have successfully opened Excel in safe mode using those instructions, I have also successfully opened the name manager upon clicking the button, but it is not showing any specific names. It is blank. I can hit "new", but the "edit" and "delete" buttons are grayed out...sorry to keep hitting you with these issues, they are just frustrating.
It's possible Excel is not able to render the names in the name manager. It appears something is in there if it won't open unless run in Safe Mode.

What happens if you create a formula and refer to one of those tables?
For example, if I type "=sumbeiers", one of the suggested table names, and I hit "enter", I return a "#N/A". I did another one, "=SUBJIS" and that returned "#REF". I did one more (3rd times the charm) "=SUBO" and it returned a value, and then a pop up came up that said "Unable to open https://XXXXX (the name of the link). The Internet site reports that the item you requested could not be found. I previously broke all links and pasted values, so I didnt think that would happen. I also realized I made a tiny mistake, the name manager I opened in the safe mode excel was a blank "Book 1". I opened the specific excel file I am having a hard time with in safe mode, confirming it opened this way, then tried name manager and name manager still wouldnt open.
There's the clue!

Check Data Menu | Edit links. You may have some external links that can be broken.