When multiple Excel sessions open, taskbar buttons do not show on screen where windows are open

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Hello. Thanks in advance for your help.

I am having what I perceive to be a simple problem, but I cannot figure it out.

I am using the the latest version of Windows 10 and this issue only happens for Excel spreadsheets.

I have 4 screens. The taskbar configuration is set to show the taskbar on all screens and to display the taskbar button "on the taskbar where the window is open", which works fine in all scenarios except when I have multiple excel spreadsheets open.

I have a main screen, one each to the left and right and one screen above the main screen. If I open an Excel spreadsheet on the main screen and move it over to screen 3 (to my left) the Excel taskbar button shows on the screen 3 taskbar, as it should.

However, if I open a second Excel spreadsheet using a fresh Excel session, no matter where I move that second session, let's say to screen 4 ... both of the Excel spreadsheet buttons appear on the main screen taskbar (screen 1), whereas I want them to show an Excel button on the taksbar of screen 3 for that session and one on screen 4 for it's session.

Why, when I open multiple Excel sheets, does it stop showing the tab/button only on the screen where the window is open and reverts them all to screen 1?

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