When I run the .xlsx file exported from SPSS, save it, and then run it again, the format changes.

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When I first check the Excel file exported from SPSS as .xlsx, the table format specified in SPSS is applied well.

But, when I open the Excel file again after edit or save it, a problem occurs where all table formatting properties specified in SPSS (e.g. cell borders, font type, background color) are broken.

And, every time I save a file in SPSS, the name of the Excel custom style was changed and created newly, even if I export the table in the same format every time.

(The numbers of the custom style name change in the form of *style0000000000000, etc.)

Also, if I check the custom style applied to each cell of the Excel file, there is a difference in the format and style applied on each cell of the Excel sheet.


Is there a way to maintain the initial format of SPSS in Excel?

Or, how can I improve compatibility between SPSS and Excel?


I can give you some example images.

1) This is what the pivot table looks like in SPSS Viewer.

스크린샷 2024-01-11 170424.png

2) When an Excel file is first run, it maintains the same style format properties as SPSS.

스크린샷 2024-01-11 163338.png

3) After editing such as deleting unnecessary columns, save and re-run the Excel file, the format was changed. (* The shape changes differently every time.)

스크린샷 2024-01-11 164018.png

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