We can't see this is a form control scroll bar...

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Since I moved to Windows 11 and the new sleek design of the Microsoft 365 apps, one of my Excel spreadsheets have become very hard to use, especially by [boomer] colleagues who don't know what my spreadsheet does.


See, I have a form control scroll bar on my spreadsheet. It allows users to change a number in a cell and that number displays different information on the spreadsheet.


But since the new "sleek" and "elegant" design of the apps, the form control scroll bar doesn't even look like a scroll bar anymore!!! It looks like a grey rectangle with a small other rectangle in it. We can't see the little triangle "arrows" on each end of the scroll bar because they are the same color as the background of the scroll bar (See below... does this look like a scroll bar to you? What's up Microsoft??)



(How are my users supposed to understand that this ↑ is a scroll bar!?!?)


I hope this will be fixed by the team at Microsoft as fast as possible!!!!!


Any ideas what I could do in the meantime? If I'm correct, we can't change the color of the components of the form control scroll bar (like an ActiveX scroll bar for example)... and it looks like if I try to change the office theme it does not fix my problem.

Thanks :)

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Have you found a solution for this problem?
Did you ever find a solution to this? I have exactly the same problem.

@muaddib32 no, I have never found a satisfying solution. I can't believe this issue is not resolved by Microsoft yet, though. This is rediculous.


Hi, I'm having the same issue, I've been playing around with different graphic drivers, settings, resolutions, and so on, not lucky at all... Were you able to fixe it somehow?