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I am trying to add VLOOKUP to a spreadsheet.  I have place the created a formula to assign a number to drop down list items.  For example, upon selecting 750mL from a drop down list, I have added a VLOOKUP formula that assigns a value of 25.36oz to 750mL.  I set up the information needed to assign value on the drop down menu in a data validation chart.


My challenge is that I am unable to copy this formula onto the hundred or so items listed on the spreadsheet. How can I copy this formula without it changing the formula cells that are assigned to the data validation chart?  Right now I am having to change each formula manually.


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It's difficult to interpret exactly what you require from your post, however, it does sound like you may benefit from the use of 'absolute references' in your formula. The addition of a dollar sign in front of a column and / or row reference, within the formula, will fix the reference point.

B7 will need to change but i need the rest of the formula to stay as is. Where would the $ need to be placed?

Thank You
I figured it out with your direction. Thank You for your help!!