Vlookup not working, Tools n Price sheet

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Vlookup not working giving an error message. Find on the Tools n Price Sheet. Thank you. 


also unable to attach the excel. Where can I find the attachment button

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If you don't see a box saying "Drag and drop here or browse files to attach" below the area where you compose a post/reply, you can upload your workbook to for example Google Drive, OneDrive or Dropbox, then obtain a link to the uploaded file and past that link into a reply.

Any updates on the sheet ?


Thank you.

VLOOKUP always searches the first column of the lookup range.

The first column of the range named tools is column A, but the description you're looking for is in column B.

This will work:


The column index is now 4 instead of 5 since we start counting from column B.

Just to confirm, so what I'm looking for should always be the first column of the table inside the Vlookup formula, correct ?


Yes, that is correct.

An alternative would be a combination of INDEX and MATCH, or if you have Microsoft 365/Office 2021, the new function XLOOKUP