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I'm struggling to perform a VLOOKUP. The lookup value contains letters and numbers, is this why I'm getting the NA error?

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@Carys5 The NA error means that VLOOKUP does not find an exact match. The lookup values may be texts, numbers or a mix of them, but a match will only be found if the other table also contains the exact same text or number. For example: 10 = 10 and "name1" = "name1" and will be found as matching values. However, the number 10 does not equal " 10" (i.e. a 10 with a leading space). Likewise, "name1" does not equal "name1 " (note the trailing space!)

Thanks, then I have no idea what I'm doing wrong. There is an exact value in the sheets I'm working on.

@Carys5 Can you share an example of your file. Just part of it, disclosing no confidential information.