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Hi Community, 

I'm trying to do a vlookup to capture  the values from my second sheet( Values). This is the formula I used below. Ideally, I want the C column on the master sheet to read Rejected, Approved, Cancelled or Error

Steps taken
I selected cell A2( In the Master Sheet), Click the Values sheet and selected all the values, I clicked F4, Then 2, False







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@Testbot1 The lookup values (column A on the Master sheet) are a mix of texts and numbers. Text "17" is not equal to number 17, hence #N/A#



First, you will need to reverse the order of the table being used for looking up those possible returns, so it begins with the lower numbers, and you want the bottom (lowest) number to be zero

0Out of range


Then, if the only numbers that are ever going to appear in column A are the ones in the table) your formula should work. Otherwise, for a range lookup, you would want the final word in that formula to be "True"

=VLOOKUP(A2,Values!$A$1:$B$4,2,TRUE). or, I always find it easier to use 1 or 0, as in



I missed that mix....
Thank you!
Thank you! This and the combination of response above solve the issue