Viral TikTok expense tracker for excel and microsoft forms

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For anyone familiar with the viral TikTok expense tracker, I am looking to apply this system using Microsoft Forms and Excel, there is an online tutorial on how to do it on YouTube, and a downloadable Google Sheet. 

However, I am struggling a lot with the formula, the original tutorial for google sheets indicates that the formula should be:

=SUMIFS(Expenses!$H$1:$H, Expenses!$F$1:$F, ">="&$A2, Expenses!$F$1:$F, "<"&(EOMONTH($A2, 0)+1), Expenses!$I$1:$I, "="&B$1)


This is what I am trying to make work: 

=SUMIFS(Expenses!$H$1:$H; Expenses!$F$1:$F>='Main Dashboard'!$A2; Expenses!$F$1:$F <&(EOMONTH('Main Dashboard'!$A2,0)+1); Expenses!$I$1:$I=&'Main Dashboard'!B$1)


But it doesn't seem to work, I am making my expense sheet available to be visualized via this link,

I would appreciate it if anyone has any suggestions. 




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@JRuedaSam The link isn't very useful as I can't edit or download it. Can you upload it here?


Your template looks very colourful, but if you can accept another format/lay-out, why not look into creating a pivot table on the basis of the expense table? No complicated formulae needed.

@Riny_van_Eekelen find the excel attached. 


I understand the easier way is to create a pivot table from the original table, however, what I am looking to do is that it also marks when I go over budget, the categories on which I spend more/less, and overall to end up with an easy form that I just have to fill in and a formula that will do the rest for me. (like in the video) 


If all of this is possible with a pivot table I am open to suggestions. 




@JRuedaSam Have a look at the attached. In Sheet1, I added a pivot table. It doesn't look much now, because the data only has two items in it and all for January. But if you expand the data table the pivot table will expand with it. Just press Data / Refresh after adding expenses. And if you add budget info as well, you can create something that could work for you. But it might not look the same as what you have now.

I can definitely understand why you're struggling with the formula, it can be confusing. Have you tried reaching out to the person who created the tutorial on YouTube? They may be able to give you some more guidance. Also, if you're looking for other resources, this website has some great information on promoting your social media accounts that you might find helpful. And if all else fails, you can always reach out to the community for help! I'm sure someone here has experience with SUMIFS and would be happy to lend a hand. Good luck with your expense tracker! Hope it works out for ya.