View Only Cell Specific "Threaded" Comments in Excel

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I did some research and came up with the following code that gets me halfway to my goal:


If Not Target.Comment Is Nothing Or (Target.Column = 19 And Target.Row > 1) Then
Application.CommandBars("Reviewing").Controls("Show/Hide Comments").Execute
End If



It is supposed to display the *Comments* pane if the selected cell has a comment or if the selected cell is in column "S". However, I get this error when I run it:

Run-time error'-2147467259 (80004005)'
'_CommandBarButton' failedMethod 'Execute' of object


I believe the code doesn't work with my version of Excel, because I don't see a Reviewing option in the ribbon, just the Review tab. However, it could be something else. Any thoughts?


I'm using MS Office Home & Business 2021



Is there a way in Excel to view threaded comments after clicking on a cell using VBA or some other solution? Currently, you can only do this by hovering over a cell.

Additionally, is there a way to view only the threaded comments for a specific cell in the Comments pane that slides out from the right using VBA? Currently, it shows all the comments for the worksheet. However, I only want to view the comments for a cell I click on.

So, in essence, I want to:

  1. Click on a cell.
  2. The comments pane slides out, displaying only the threaded comments tied to that cell.


  1. Click on a cell (instead of hovering).
  2. The Threaded comments appear over the worksheet as usual.

I hope this makes sense. Especially since the name of the old comments feature (with the yellow background) was changed to Notes, and the new Threaded Comments feature I am referring to and need assistance with is now called Comments.

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