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Is there a way to split panes vertically, i.e., to have two independent vertical scroll bars on the same worksheet? Yes, I know you can split on rows and columns, but everything comes with a single vertical scrollbar.


I also know that this can be accomplished by opening and arranging a new window. However, it's cumbersome to do, has to be redone each time the workbook is opened, and requires extra clicks to go back and forth between cells in different windows.

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Hi Ken

Yes you can split your window into 4 panes and see four different parts of the same sheet and be able to navigate in each one, although all of them are in the same sheet

To do that:

  1. Select any cell (You will be splitting Above and to the Left of the selected cell)
  2. View Tab >> Click Split >> Enjoy
  3. To remove >> use the same command


You can also split on the fly by using the shortcut ALT , W, S  (Consecutively not simultaneously)


  • In a split window, you can drag the Vertical or Horizontal Divider with your mouse to a different location.
  • You Can also scroll each Section Up & Down using the wheel of your mouse. BUT (look at that) you can also scroll Left and Right by PUSHING DOWN the wheel of the mouse and drag !!
  • You can remove one (or both ) divider quickly by Double clicking on it.


Hope that helps

Nabil Mourad

Thanks for your suggestion, Nabil, but I've already tried this.  I attempted to say so in my original post, but I wasn't clear enough.


I'd like to divide the pane into left and right sections with a slider for each that would control their vertical motions independently. In other words, I want the left side to stay in position while I move the right side up and down. Although the Excel option you described does have two vertical sliders, they control the top and bottom sections. When you use one or the other, the left and right quadrants slide together.


Hi Ken

That's also possible to scroll vertically on one side but this time we'll use a different functionality:

  1. Open the Excel File to the desired Sheet
  2. Click on the View Tab >> Click on New Window (now you have 2 versions of the same sheet open)
  3. On the View Tab >> Click on "Arrange All" >> Select Vertical >> OK
  4. Now the Command "View Side By Side " is highlighted
  5. On the View Tab >> DESELECT >> "Synchronous Scrolling"
  6. You should be able to scroll each view independently of the other one


Hope that Helps

Nabil Mourad

Thanks again, Nabil, but I've also tried this. I gave reasons in my original post why this isn't a satisfactory solution.

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I don't think there's a way of doing what you want to do sorry Ken


I suspect you're right, @Wyn Hopkins, but I wanted to give the Community a shot at it.


Good for you my friend @Wyn Hopkins 

Thanks Nabil, very nice tip


Hi Ken,


I guess it's not relevant any more, but I had same problem and now I came across a posible solution. Check out this video

where you are tought to make your on scroll bar. Second half of the video is better (atleast for me). I haven't had "developer" panel up top so I had to enable it in options. For better learning I am sending also the page of the author of the video


I hope this info is heplfull to you or to anyone else




Interesting, @Josef610, thanks.

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I don't think there's a way of doing what you want to do sorry Ken


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