Vertical Scroll encompasses a million rows, most of which are blank

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I have about 1400 rows with data, about 1000 of which are hidden most of the time.  If I pull the vertical scroll box to the bottom of the vertical scroll space, it gets to Row 400,000 - or more.  (Sometimes it gets beyond Row 1,000,000.)  For this reason, if I move the vertical scroll box just a little, it still scrolls down thousands of rows.  I would like the vertical scroll space to reflect my USED unhidden rows, not the entirety of possible rows.  That way I can move the vertical scroll bar box more effectively.  

In case it matters, I have only about a dozen columns with data.  I use the spreadsheet in SharePoint, but it does the same thing even when I save it and use it as a freestanding Excel worksheet.  I tried to delete rows in case there is some errant data way down there, but I can't delete a million rows, at least I don't know how to do that without spending hours at it.

Any suggestions?

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Do the following in the desktop version of Excel.

Select the first entirely blank row by clicking on its row number.

Hold down Shift and drag the 'thumb' of the vertical scroll bar down until you see row 1048576.

Hold down Shift and click on the row number of row 1048576.

This will select everything from the first blank row to the bottom of the worksheet.

On the Home tab of the ribbon, click Clear > Clear All.

Press Alt+F11 to activate the Visual Basic Editor.

Press Ctrl+G to activate the Immediate window.

Type ActiveSheet.UsedRange and press Enter.

Switch back to Excel and save the workbook.

Does the vertical scroll bar now act normally?

@Hans Vogelaar 


It worked PERFECTLY.  Thank you so much!

That is genius solution (by you) and an hilarious UX fail (by MS).
I like your solution. Its worked amazingly @Hans Vogelaar.

@Hans Vogelaar 

Hello, I have the same problem, but only have Excel 365... no desktop version. I'm stuck at Alt+f11. Any thoughts?



Skip the instructions from Alt+F11 on.

Instead close and reopen the workbook.

Thank you! That worked! I appreciate your help.