VBA objects or libraries missing

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One of my workbooks have lost contact with the VBA modules overnight All worked day one, but when I opened the file day 2 it did not.. The modules are still listed in the structure tree, but the contents cannot be retreived - only a grey shadowy frame appears. After reviewing the issue in the help pages, I tried looking for missing references - but the listbox under Tools/References does not show at all. 


All other workbooks works as expected on my computer.


A friend tested to open the seemingly corrupt file on his computer - worked just fine.


Any suggestions on how to remedy this?



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@Per_Eskilson  I have experienced the same issue.  I will add some additional information to see if that helps in finding a solution.  My Excel spreadsheet contains several macros and when the object library is missing, I do the Alt F11 and click on tools and then references and the box either doesn't pop up at all or when it does it is completely empty.  I do save my workbook on my NAS.  The only way I can repair it, is to restore an earlier version and then manually populate the missing data, save it over the latest version and I am good to go, for a few days till it happens again.  I decided to start saving it on my local C drive to see if the problem is somehow related to the NAS.  The file size of the workbook is 90MB.


I will update this post if the problem occurs again with it on my C drive.