Using pounds and ounces in tables

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Hi all,

I am trying to create a workbook that tracks the weight of fish in a lake, the problem I have is that I want to use pounds and ounces for unit of weight.

I would like to display weight in a cell in a table in the format of 15lb8oz but I can't work out how to do this and excel be able to recognize this and use it for calculations.

I would appreciate any input, I've spent hours trying to find out how I could achieve this.


Kind regards



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Working with conversion of weights / hours / dates can really be a bit of work when it comes to carrying out the calculations. Converting the value using =CONVERT(value,"kg","lbm") would bring the result easier to work with in excel.
Thanks for the quick reply, I think this may work for my task.
One question I have is when the value is say 19lb0oz this conversion doesn't display the 'lbs' after the 19, for example I see '8.618' '19 oz', but if my value has ounces I see it correctly like this 7.484 16lbs 8/16oz. do you know why this might be?

Many thanks