Using Personal Workbook Macro in Excel online?

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I'm just trying to see if this functionality is even possible in Excel on the web. I have Excel and have created a personal.xlsb file that opens each time I open excel on my PC, but I have a friend that has the web version of Office and I'm wondering if there is a way he can use it as well.  

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No, it is not possible to use a personal workbook macro in Excel online. Excel online does not support VBA macros, which is the type of macro that is stored in a personal workbook. However, you can open and edit workbooks that contain macros in Excel online, but the macros will not run. To use macros in Excel online, you would need to open the workbook in the Excel desktop app.
Alternatively, you could use Office Scripts, which are JavaScript-based scripts that can automate tasks in Excel for the web. Office Scripts can be recorded or written in the Code Editor, and run from the Automate tab. Office Scripts can also be shared with other users.
Here are the steps on how to use Office Scripts in Excel online:
1. Open the workbook in Excel online.
2. Click on the Automate tab.
3. Click on the Record button to start recording a new Office Script.
4. Perform the actions that you want to automate.
5. Click on the Stop button to stop recording.
6. The Office Script will be saved in the workbook.
7. To run the Office Script, click on the Run button.
I hope this helps.
I'm confused. How do I open my personal.xlsb in Excel online? I'm only seeing workbooks that I have created in Excel online and are now saved to One Drive.
To open a personal workbook in Excel online, the user needs to upload it to OneDrive. A personal workbook is usually stored in a folder called XLSTART on the user's computer. To access it from Excel online, the user needs to upload it to OneDrive and then open it from there. However, the macros in the personal workbook will not run in Excel online.
There are online tools that can open XLSB files .XLSB files are binary files that store Excel workbooks, including personal workbooks. There are some online tools that can open XLSB files for free, such as Aspose.Cells Excel Viewer. However, these tools may not support all the features or functions of Excel, and the macros in the personal workbook may not run either. Open XLSB Online for Free - Aspose.
First of all I want to thank you for all your help! I have successfully opened my personal.xlsb file in Excel online, but I see no Automate Tab, which is the second step in using Office Scripts.
I did a little research on the internet and find that this feature needs to be turned on by an account admin and it seems that I can't be an admin unless I purchase the 365 program from Microsoft. Do you know this to be the case? If it is right, then do you know of an alternate plan of attack?
That kind of answers my inquiry. I appreciate the information.