using =countif when searching for the asterisk "*" character

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Hi all. I'm new here and really could use assistance with a formula in Excel.  I work in an attendance office at a school.  Every day I generate a spreadsheet from our attendance software and it contains A* and T* (the * does not represent a wildcard).  I need to count the instances that "A*" appears, the actual asterisk character rather than a wildcard.  I found this formula somewhere on a help website    =SUM(LEN(A6:J6)-LEN(SUBSTITUTE(A6:J6,"*","")))


However the problem with the formula is it also counts the instances of "T*".  I only want to count the "A*".  I tried adding "A" to the formula and get an error.  I tried adding a tilde ~ character before the asterisk as suggested on a Microsoft Excel help page, but a "0" appears in the result column.   : (

here's the help page I referenced about the tilde character:


Can anyone help?


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That could be


@Sergei Baklan This is awesome!  Thank you so much! I will not hesitate to post here if I need help again! 


Sure, ask your question, we are glad to help