Using Calendar Creator (any year) template always returns 1905 as year

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I am trying to create a 2022, 12 month calendar, using the Calender Creator template in Excel. It says that I should be able to type "=Year(2022) and the template should autopopulate the dates for you. Well, it changes 2022 to 1905 and populates the incorrect dates. What am I doing wrong?

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@CourtnyN  You should enter just simply 2022.

No function, I hope... Try it, please


In addition to @Ilgar_Zarbaliyev response. Dates in Excel are sequential integer numbers starting from 1 which is consider as 01 January 1900. Date format is only to make such numbers more human friendly.


Thus if you enter number 2022 and apply date format to this cell, you will see 14 July 1905. YEAR() function applied to that date obviously returns 1905.

Hi Ilgar,
Thank you so much for that suggestion, I feel stupid for not trying it but the function was already in that cell, so it didn't occur to me! It works!
Thank you for that explanation. It makes sense, but I couldnt figure out what integer to use for 2022, luckily the comment above worked so I don't have to figure that out!
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If it works, then you may have an opportunity to choose your best answer:))