Use Ctrl-Shift-Z to redo actions

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Does anybody know how to make it so I can use Ctrl-Shift-Z to perform the redo action in Excel? It was... doable in Word, but Excel is proving to be a much more difficult challenge. I've tried working with macros to get the action done, but I can't seem to figure out how to get it to do what I want at all. Any solution is more than welcome! It's pretty nuts that in 2022 you still can't edit keyboard shortcuts in Excel, so if I'm missing an obvious solution, please let me know!

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The built-in shortcut is Ctrl+Y.

The problem with using a macro is that running VBA code clears the undo/redo stack, so it defeats the purpose.

I'd stick with Ctrl+Y.

Of course you can. Just follow the steps in this article: Customize keyboard shortcuts - Microsoft Support

Redo action is named "EditRedo" in the command lists. You may need to delete the Ctrl+Shift+Z binding assigned to "RestChar" command to avoid conflict first.

@Pil0tXiaThis is clearly not the case for EXCEL