Unhiding the first column

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I am used to hiding and unhiding columns, but now my excel sheet refuses to show me the first column! I have tried "select all + right click + unhide" and just "selecting the first visible column + right click + unhide" ...

Any good advice?

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Did you check if you freezed panes?

Yes I have both released frozen cells and tried if freezing would make the first column appear, but neither helped.

Hi @StellaRJK ,


(1) Select All(Ctrl+A) then

Home/Format/Hide and Unhide/unhide column(keyboard key :- Alt+H+O+U+L).


(2) Type A1 in Name Box & Select column(Ctrl+Space). use right click and unhide

Name Box.JPG

Thank you :)



Happy to help you.




Worked perfectly. I have been having this problem intermittently for years.  Glad to have discovered the cause.  Thanks.