Unhiding the first column

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I am used to hiding and unhiding columns, but now my excel sheet refuses to show me the first column! I have tried "select all + right click + unhide" and just "selecting the first visible column + right click + unhide" ...

Any good advice?

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Did you check if you freezed panes?

Yes I have both released frozen cells and tried if freezing would make the first column appear, but neither helped.

Hi @StellaRJK ,


(1) Select All(Ctrl+A) then

Home/Format/Hide and Unhide/unhide column(keyboard key :- Alt+H+O+U+L).


(2) Type A1 in Name Box & Select column(Ctrl+Space). use right click and unhide

Name Box.JPG

Thank you :)



Happy to help you.




Worked perfectly. I have been having this problem intermittently for years.  Glad to have discovered the cause.  Thanks.

THANK YOU SO MUCH! That was it.  Perfect!


Unfortunately, this does not work for me. I am using office 365. Any other ideas?
I can get as far as selecting (highlighted) the place where column A should show, but can't figure out what to right click on to get the unhide option. Nothing that I have tried gives me that option. Any other suggestions?


As variant, locate mouse cursor close to hided column at top left and when it shows you are between columns


right click -> Unhide; or

hold left button and drag to the right


@Peter_Gourmand Thank you for your suggestion. I also faced similar problem and was struggling to solve it. The unfreeze thing worked. Thank You.


Thank you for suggesting unfreezing rows/columns.  Afterward, I was able to unhide the columns to the left.