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I am unable to get rid of "resolve permissions" and see at top of excel file "uploads blocked".  I'm signed in and trying to use files on a new laptop I transferred the old ones from.

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The message "Resolve Permissions" and "Uploads Blocked" in Excel typically appear when you are working on a file that's stored in a cloud storage service like OneDrive, SharePoint, or a similar service, and there are issues with file permissions or syncing. To resolve this issue, follow these steps:

  1. Check File Permissions: Ensure that you have the appropriate permissions to access and edit the file. If you have transferred the files from an old laptop, make sure that your Microsoft account is properly signed in.
  2. Sign In to Your Microsoft Account: Make sure you are signed in to your Microsoft account in Excel. You can check your account status by going to "File" > "Account." Sign in or switch accounts if necessary.
  3. Check OneDrive/SharePoint Sync: If the file is stored in a cloud service like OneDrive or SharePoint, check the sync status. Sometimes, sync issues can cause permission problems. If you see any sync errors or the service is not properly connected, try to resolve these issues.
  4. File Ownership: Ensure that you are the owner of the file, especially if it was transferred from another computer. Ownership can affect your ability to edit the file.
  5. File Sharing Settings: Review the sharing settings for the file. If the file is being shared with others, make sure the sharing settings are correctly configured to allow editing.
  6. Offline Availability: If you are working with OneDrive files, check if you have enabled offline availability for the files. Sometimes, offline copies can cause permission issues.
  7. Create a Local Copy: If the issue persists, try creating a local copy of the file on your new laptop and see if you can edit it without the "Resolve Permissions" message. You can create a copy by downloading the file from the cloud service and saving it to your local drive.
  8. Upload/Save the File: If you have made changes to the file, try saving or uploading it back to the cloud service. Sometimes, saving the file again can help resolve permission issues.
  9. Contact Support: If none of the above steps work, you may need to contact your support team of the specific cloud storage service you are using for further assistance.The text and steps were edited with the help of AI.


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