Unable to scroll sheet tabs in excel 365

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I am working with an excel 365 and I have an annoying issue. 

I was able to scroll the tab with the different sheets using 2 fingers on my touchpad (just the names, without actually changing the sheet) but all of the sudden this function does not work anymore. If I use 2 fingers it scrolls the area of the worksheet where I am, even if my mouse is on the sheets tab. 

Can you help me? I couldn't find any solution to this online and it's really helpful to scroll the list of your tabs when you work with big excel models.



Amit Yadav

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@Amit_YadavI have a very similar issue: When I scroll with two fingers over the worksheet tabs, it scrolls the excel sheet and the worksheet tabs, then reverts both to where they were before I scrolled. very frustrating. It seems to know what I want to do, starts to do it perfectly, then undoes it. It is a bouncing behavior, where the worksheet tabs scroll and bounce back to where they were.