Unable to delete Named Ranges from Name Manager in Excel

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I am trying to delete several Named Ranges from my Name Manager, because I suspect they are slowing down my file. The Named Ranges originally stem from other files, but these files no longer exist. The issue I am experiencing is that I can not press the 'delete' button. 


Aantekening 2020-06-05 141338.png


Has anyone encountered this problem before and/or do you have a suggestion for a solution?

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Thanks for your suggestion. I tried those solutions, but did not find something that works.

The sheets that it refered to were not protected. I tried deleting the files to see if it would solve anything, which also did not solve the issue. I did manage to delete some names using VBA, but this does not work for the duplicate names in the list (and somehow there are many).

@Detlef Lewin Thanks, that solved my issue!! 


Unfortunately it did not improve performance much, but hey, one step at a time right

@mekremer converting Tables to Ranges fixed it for me (then you can delete, etc.).