Two workbooks need one hidden

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I have two workbooks open but I need one hidden but running in background still while having the other workbook still on screen. Can someone help explain how to if you even can.
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Hiding and showing worksheets

If you want to protect worksheets with confidential data from prying eyes or hide a sheet with intermediate calculations for a better overview, this is easy to do.


On the one hand by right-clicking on the sheet tab that you want to hide and then selecting "Hide" or on the other hand via tab: Start–> Group: Cells–> Command: Format–> Hide & Show–> Hide sheet.


Only when you have hidden at least one worksheet does the "Show ..." command appear in the tab menu. You can now select the sheets you want to show from a list.


Dialog box that appears when showing worksheets

You select the sheet that you want to show and click on "Ok". This is exactly how it works with the Show Sheet command. You can find it as follows: Tab: Home–> Group: Cells–> Command: Format–> Hide & Show–> Hide Sheet. Unfortunately, without programming in VBA, worksheets can only be shown individually.



With VBA, approach (not tested)

Enter the following in the VBA editor (ALT + F11) in the direct window (CTRL + G):



Activewindow.Top = 1

Confirm with [Enter] and the folder should be visible again.