Two finger scroll not working in Excel only

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So I recently purchased Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2021 and it appears only in Excel, my two finger scroll on my HP laptop touchpad does not work. I can use the two finger scroll gesture EVERYWHERE else with no issue. Two finger scroll worked (works, just checked) just fine in the same document on the web version of Excel on I can also two finger scroll in the Word app that came with this package.


Even within Excel when I open the help tab, I can sort of two finger scroll in there (very slowly for some reason) but it will not two finger scroll in the Excel doc itself. Selecting and dragging the scroll bar on the right hand side works just fine.


Edit: forgot to mention I'm running Windows 10 for what it's worth

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Hi Ken,
Is the issue present in a single file or does it happen with any file?

@nimesht sorry, I just finally got around to checking this and that was a question I didn't even know to ask. It is actually just an issue in one particular document. All my other spreadsheets, the 2 finger scroll works just fine.


So it apparently is not an Excel issue, just an issue with this one spreadsheet that I use regularly? I'm still baffled as to the solution though. 

Scroll using scrollbar works or even that is stuck?
This generally happens when Freeze Panes are enabled which unknowingly covers the whole visible area, so even though scroll is working (for part which is not visible) it appears to be frozen completely.
Try removing freeze panes if it's enabled.