turn name into gender in excel

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Hi, if i've a column full of names (like James and Jane), how can i create another column to turn these names into gender like male and female? Thanks

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Afraid that's only manually, Excel has no idea about the genders. If there are many repeating names, you may create dict table which maps James on male and Jane on female, etc. After that VLOOKUP or INDEX/MATCH it to fill the data.


And what it returns for unisex names like Sasha?

@SergeiBaklan It returns "both". You can try names here: https://www.nameror.com/en/Sasha


Interesting. However, I don't think such tool could be build within Excel.

What If I know to identify them.
Like with annotation in name.
Like Shri=means "Male" & Smt= "Female".
So now How can I create a column for male and females.
Please help me on this.

@the_analyzer found this website that does the conversion of names to gender


CSV and Excel Tool | Namsor