trouble printing an Excel sheet to pdf

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I am continuing to get an error msg when trying to print a very simple excel sheet. "There may not be enough memory available" (impossible), "If you use a network for printing, there may be a problem with the network connection or the printer driver" (not using a network printer as I am trying to simply make a pdf), and "There may be loose cables or a bad connection between your computer and printer" (same impossibility as above). I have gone into the Page Layout tab and specified the print area (very small) as well as made the "Scale to Fit 1 page both horizontally and vertically. I keep getting the same messages. Can anyone help me out? Thanks!

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Please provide more details in advance.

Do you print out PDF or Excel sheets?

At the beginning you write that you want to print out an Excel sheet

and then in brackets (not with a network printer, as I am trying to simply create a pdf),

Which Office / Excel version and operating system do you have?

Please provide precise details, e.g. Excel 365 Home or OS Windows 10 (2004).


At the same time you delete your cache at the beginning.

Delete clipboard by command Press the key combination [Windows] + [R].

A small window will now open.

Enter the following command there: cmd / c "echo off | clip". Click OK to confirm.

The clipboard is then automatically emptied.


Maybe also look up the printer settings.

Sometimes it is set to "Microsoft Print to PDF".

Open the start menu Enter the phrase "Devices and Printers" in the search field

and wait a few seconds until the search results are displayed

Then select the Devices and Printers item there From the list displayed,

you can now select the device that you want to set as the default printer.

You do this by right-clicking on the device name and the confirmation request that then appears.


Thank you for your understanding and patience



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