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I work for a commercial flooring contractor. We estimate our projects using flooring software and export the quantities to an Excel spreadsheet. Then, the spreadsheet will be imported into our accounting software to create a quote. This spreadsheet will be one of many as changes to the project inevitably require numerous estimates and spreadsheets. This means that each revision requires a new spreadsheet.  Then, when editing our actual quote, we need to review the entire spreadsheet again to ensure changes were not missed. 


I would like to be able to compare two or more spreadsheets and identify what has changed, what is a new addition, what has been deleted, etc. This way, I can quickly edit the quote instead of having to import an entirely new spreadsheet or scanning the spreadsheet for changes manually.


I do not need to share the workbook, just compare the new changes to the previous version(s).

I looked online and saw advice to use "Changes" in the Review tab but I only have Proofing, Accessibility, Insights, Language, Comments, Notes, Protect, Ink.

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Look for a stand-alone tool Spreadsheet Compare in Start > All Apps > Microsoft Office Tools.

I do not have that option. Nothing called Microsoft Office Tools. No Office Tools either.


Sorry about that: "Spreadsheet Compare is only available with Office Professional Plus 2013, Office Professional Plus 2016, Office Professional Plus 2019, or Microsoft 365 Apps for enterprise."


Try Excel Sheet Comparator (free)