Topics within tables in Excel professional plus 2021

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So i have a table with a few hundred entries that im working on.

The table is internally separated into several topics.


The task i have been given is the following;

Each topic shall have its own "Headline" in which just the name of the topic is shown. 

The following restrains have made this a very puzzling task for me:

- i cannot create a new collumn for "Topic".

- The headline must also show when applying filters to the table (so you know which entry stems from which topic).

- The text has to be Centered across the whole Table.

- if i were to split the Tables i have to make sure that the filters at the top still work.

- these "Headlines" have to not be registered as "(blank)" in the slicers up top.

- "merge and center" has to be avoided where possible (since it would mess up some formulas later down the road).


Have i just been given an impossible task or is there a solution im not seeing?

i tried a bunch with "center across selection" for the alignment, but as soon as i try to fix the "no empty cells"-requirement it messes up my alignment. And the requirements originate in me trying other things and my boss not being happy with the results.


i suppose what i need is that i fill a row with values and have the first cell of the row be displayed across the row as if "merge and center" was applied.


At this point in time i would even take some solution that violates one of the criteria 1 or 6, but i would be really greatful for a fully working solution. 

i attached a link to a much smaller Example Table so you can see what kind of table im working with. 


Thanks already in advance



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That is gross abuse of Excel tables.

The only way is a new column "Topic". 

I bet it is. But even with creating a new column for "topic" I don't see how I can make that happen