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Today function to show weekdays

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Every weekday I create a schedule for the next business day for my field guys. Cell H1 contains the date the schedule is for. Currently that filed has =today()+1 so it always shows tomorrows date. Every Friday I have to change the +1 to +3 so it will show Monday instead of Saturday. On Monday I have to change it back. This is not hard, but sometimes I forget to change it and some schedules have been saved as a PDF with the wrong date on the top. This has caused a few headaches.


There has got to be some kind of formula, function or something that will only show weekdays in that field, without me having to change it twice a week. 


When we get Jobs on the weekend (rare) I format the time cell for that row to show day date and time. Sat Jobs go on Fridays schedule and Sun jobs go on Monday's schedule to keep them in the correct pay week.


Please let me know how I can have my schedule sheet show Mondays date on Fridays without me having to manually change it.


Thanks in advance


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You could use WORKDAY:



WORKDAY also includes an optional Holidays argument where you could specify days to skip that may not necessarily be weekends.

I'll try that, thank you.
You're welcome!