I have a Ageing Analysis workbook where I am using TODAY() formula on cell J3 of Sheet 5 to fetch the current date which will help calculate Overdue days. However, there is a delay when entering data from one cell to another on the workbook. When I manually enter Today's date, the data entry works as normal. No drag at all.

 Please help with a VBA code to prompt the user to enter Today's date on Sheet5(Code Name) in Cell J3  whenever they open this workbook. 

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You don't need a prompt - the code can enter today's date automatically:

In the Visual Basic Editor, in the Project Explorer pane on the left, double-click ThisWorkbook under Microsoft Excel Objects.

Copy the following code into ThisWorkbook:

Private Sub Workbook_Open()
    Sheet5.Range("J3").Value = Date
End Sub
thank you Hans.
It works.