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Dear Experts,

                     Could you please share on how can we populate column="B" with SDX65/70,

so criteria is if Column "A" contains SDX65, column"B" is populated with SDX65, and if Column "A"

has SDx70, then Column "B" is populated with SDX70.


Attached sheet.


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@Detlef LewinThanks for your response, could you please educate me on this value 9^9, ?why we used this 9 power 9 here?


Thanks and if any other formula like INDEX-MATCH , if could be used?





It is just a big number. Bigger than the maximum textlength in your data.

Maybe 999 could be enough.


Thanks @Detlef Lewin can you please share some formula with IFS or IFERROR


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Anupam Shrivastava

Hi@Detlef Lewin , Can you please share the formula to achieve this using IF+FIND or IF+SEARCH option?




Because, from my understanding , solving problems with more than one method is always useful to explore, Solution is not the only last thing , on how many ways we can explore to solve it seems more important..

anyways I tried to use the IF there and seems some minor thing I am missing , will check this more..

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Anupam Shrivastava



That's 4 functions.

The LOOKUP solution only needs 2 functions.


Now you try with AVERAGE().


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Is this what you are looking for?




Replace SEARCH with FIND, especially if you want a case-sensitive search.





=IFERROR(MID(A2,SEARCH("SDX??",A2),5), "")


returns any 5-character string that begins with "SDX" (or "sdx" or any combination of mixed case).


Note that we cannot use FIND (for a case-sensitive search) here because FIND does not allow wildcard characters like "?".



Additional example to Mr. @Detlef Lewin suggestions, see attached file.

Are more suitable for older Excel versions.

If you use newer versions of Excel I would recommend Mr. Lewin's formulas.

Thanks Joe, this is indeed a Very useful info between search and find..