Target Line in Bar chart in Data Model Version Pivot Table

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How to make a Target Line in Bar chart in Data Model Version Pivot Table.


The Normal version, it is available but the Data Model Pivot table unable to do


So kindly advice me how to fix

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@babu_parapurath Please have a look at the attached file. It has two simple bar charts. One 'regular' and one based on data in the DM. both have a vertical (target) line.


Is that what you meant?

Thank Sir your reply.
I need to add one more Column on the Pivot Table but on the Pivot table Analyze Menu, Calculated Field Found off. Due to the Reason, I could not add one Column with the current Pivot Table for the Target Value.
Kindly give Solution....


Indeed, in Power Pivot you can not add 'regular' calculated columns or fields in the pivot table window. but you can add a column to the table in the Data Model (DM). Based on the example in my earlier file that would look like this. Start with a table without Target.


and then add a Target column in the DM



Now you can create the pivot chart from this DM table, in a similar way.