Tablet that can run excel macros?

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I am looking for a tablet that can run excel macros. Information via googling hasn't been very helpful so I'm trying here. Does anyone know of a tablet that can run excel with macros? Or the specifications necessary for a tablet to run excel with macros?


Thanks in advance.

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Try a Microsoft Surface Pro

Hello @Laura_Long ,


Excel VBA only runs on Excel desktop applications, i.e. Excel for Windows or Excel for Mac. The tablet versions for Excel for Android /iPad do not run VBA.


You can use a Windows based tablet that can run the desktop version of Excel.


@Ingeborg Hawighorst or anyone else, do you know if this tablet will run excel and then run macros?



@DaleRosenberg  The tablet comes with Windows 10 Home, so it will run desktop Excel and will be able to run macros in the desktop app.